Poppin’ colors

Most guys I have seen, take all the time and effort to pick out their shirts or tees while they will spend the least bit of time buying that bottom-wear. Jeans, trousers, whatever… will be the same old, boring dark blacks or browns or navy only to complement their tops, at best. Bottoms are never the Hero of the outfit for a man! It is like a cardinal sin… making the trouser be the style focus… never to be committed or thought of.

So.. please! It will be such a refreshing sight to the eyes (to the ladies and men alike) if you’d choose to let the let pop color of the trouser to do the talking. Uber stylish, let me assure you this. Go for teals (in picture), shades of pinks, oranges or reds.

A fair warning… keep the dial on colour to “pop” and do not crank it up to psychedelic or neon. Do keep an eye on that. If in doubt, ask a bro or your gal for a second opinion on the shade of that orange that you may like.

Keep the top to a basic color. I would strongly advice on white. A nice, fresh slim-fit or tailored white or black shirt will make the color of the trouser really pop!

Voila! All eyes on you mate.

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