Let’s do shorts

221B Baker Street at Universal Studios Los Angeles

Shorts are a part of the wardrobe of every man that I know of. And yet, it is the least understood and the most “misused” element of fashion that I can think of. There are so many misconceptions around a pair of shorts… shorts are only for kids and young adults, shorts should be worn only at play or at home, shorts are shorts are shorts and they don’t need to have a “fit”, shorts make you look less fashionable and so on. All wrong! So wrong!

First, the length. There are shorts and there are shorts. It is not a just short trouser that ends anywhere around your knee. Well, it is that technically. But not exactly.
Unless you are off playing tennis or hitting the gym, please keep the sports shorts away. They are a no-no. And same for basket ball shorts. No! Too long, too loose, too whatever. Shorts should end, ideally, where your knee starts. Should not cover or go below your knees or end mid-thigh. If it doesn’t get done at about where the knee starts, you don’t want that.

Now, the fit. This is what makes all the difference in any piece of clothing that you buy. Same for shorts. Personally, I am not a big fan of ultra skinny fit in shorts unless you are really tall and have skinny quads. But otherwise, I would recommend the slim fit with a tapered finish at the knees. This gives a really stylish look to the regular shorts and makes it the real fashionable piece of clothing, which it is. Some men have massive quads, so my advice would be to go for a regular fit with a slightly tapered finish towards the knees. This will give a nice slimming yet athletic look.

And the color. If you are wearing linen, then I would say go for pastel shades. Even grays and navy blues and ink blues look amazing in linen. Otherwise any bright color (not neon or psychedelic) with very small prints are really in fashion and look massively smart. Choose your print as per your taste and quirk. But keep the print really small. It is a good idea to have a blue pair of shorts. It is a super versatile color and goes with a lot of top options.

Now, that you have the basics right… you can go for the folded bottoms or plains, pleated fronts or flat-front, key-chain tussles at the waist or not. You’re free to experiment. Just show some restraint. Will never do you wrong when you are unsure.

Now depending on the occasion, you can pair it with a round neck, basic stripped French tees, polos, Hawaiian shirts, printed half-sleeves, linen shirts. Options are endless with shorts. And finish it off with white shoes or basic vintage tennis sneakers and such.

This look works at so many places… movies, drives, pool parties, hanging out with your buds, shooting pool. Don’t ignore the shorts. Sho(r)ts are always fun!


Wore this for the Bengali New Year Celebrations at the NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai. It was an evening of festivities with songs of Rabindranath Tagore albeit sung in a more modern rendition.

Kurtas are a must-have for any Indian festival. Easy to wear and looks always in fashion and appropriate for any Indian gathering. Bought mine from Fabindia. Also the Kohlapuri sandals.


Your style game is incomplete if you don’t have chequered shirts in your wardrobe. One crucial thing about chequered shirts is the size of the checks. You’ve to be aware of your frame and choose the size of the checks accordingly. Micro checks are fine for most. But the oversized checks should be worn judiciously.

And.. sleeve length. I personally prefer full sleeves rolled up a little below the elbow. Classic! I think half-sleeves are a tad iffy. Avoid! Chequered shirts make you look really dapper with the right trouser pairing. A definitive style must-have for any man.

This look works perfect for Thursday dressings at work or for that casual Saturday lunch with that cute girl you exchanged numbers with at Comedy Club.

Poppin’ colors

Most guys I have seen, take all the time and effort to pick out their shirts or tees while they will spend the least bit of time buying that bottom-wear. Jeans, trousers, whatever… will be the same old, boring dark blacks or browns or navy only to complement their tops, at best. Bottoms are never the Hero of the outfit for a man! It is like a cardinal sin… making the trouser be the style focus… never to be committed or thought of.

So.. please! It will be such a refreshing sight to the eyes (to the ladies and men alike) if you’d choose to let the let pop color of the trouser to do the talking. Uber stylish, let me assure you this. Go for teals (in picture), shades of pinks, oranges or reds.

A fair warning… keep the dial on colour to “pop” and do not crank it up to psychedelic or neon. Do keep an eye on that. If in doubt, ask a bro or your gal for a second opinion on the shade of that orange that you may like.

Keep the top to a basic color. I would strongly advice on white. A nice, fresh slim-fit or tailored white or black shirt will make the color of the trouser really pop!

Voila! All eyes on you mate.