Ramen mania!

I had a 5 hour layover at Hong Kong en route San Francisco. After some Duty Free shopping at the International airport, I was quite hungry and was looking for a place to eat. I wanted to try something interesting but wasn’t sure what. I was open to anything.

I came across the cluster of restaurants at the food court near Gate 40 at the HKIA. I was “drawn towards” Baikohken and I loved the smell of food floating around the restaurant.
I ordered the Shoyu Charsiew Ramne and it was out of this world! The broth was so flavorful and the portion size was really hearty. I usual have this complaint about the pork portion being too little in most ramen places but the pork portion was not only ample but cooked to perfection. Loved it.

I would strongly recommend anyone stopping by at HKG airport to grab ramen at the Baikohken stall.

Opened in Asahikawa 40 years ago, Baikohken has been known as an iconic ramen store that represents the Asahikawa flavour. Baikohken is a Michelin guide recommended restaurant which also won the top prize in the “Asahikawa Ramen Award”.

The Buddha Bowl

This was at a restaurant in Gurgaon, India. I had flown down from Mumbai for a day’s worth of meeting. Hectic! Sooo… just about managed to run for lunch (and not eat at the office cafeteria. Meh.) and walked into this restaurant called Greyhouse in Sector 21, Unitech Infospace.

So I ordered this Buddha Bowl called Shaolin Monk! Loved the name. Hah! It was pan seared Basa fillets in soy glaze with Asian tossed veggies, wilted spinach, bell peppers and toasted sesame. Yummy!